GNTV Media Ministry

Lights, Camera, Worship!

GNTV Media Ministry

Lights, Camera, Worship!

GNTV Media Ministry

Lights, Camera, Worship!

GNTV Media Ministry

Lights, Camera, Worship!

Our production team can help your event be successful through our knowledge of sound technology, video projection, lighting, and graphic design.

Sound Design and Engineering

Our sound crew can stage an event from one microphone to 112 microphones and provide audio services for group sizes ranging from fifty people to 10,000. Our sound equipment can be floor-based, or rigged.

Video Production and Direction

If video projection is your need, our projection equipment can make your video presentations and graphics sparkle. Our equipment can provide your event with video quality up to XGA/HDTV resolution for crisp, clear video imaging. Our projection screens can display your visuals from 5'x7' to 16.5'x22'. Our video recording equipment includes three-chip and robotic cameras, and can produce your video in DVD, MiniDV, and BetaSP formats.

If you want to film your event or need a live feed projected to your audience, our videographers can set up the cameras and capture the best quality video for your event. Should you need a master copy of your events, our video editors can edit your raw footage to produce the best quality video for you.


Lighting Design and Engineering

Our variety of lighting equipment can cover stages of all sizes and performing groups from solo acts to large performing groups. Our fixtures include:
  • Fresnels with gels
  • Source 4 Ellipsoids with logo projectors
  • 3-D intelligent lighting
  • Crowd Blinders
  • Arena fog machines and backdrop lights

All of our lighting equipment can be floor-based, or can be rigged.


Breakout Room Support

Our "Gray Box" provides full audio and video support of any breakout/workshop meeting space. Click the link above to find out how!
• The "Gray Box" can expand to medium and large breakouts.
• The GNTV staff will set your presenters' minds at ease.


Graphical Design and Presentation

For your graphical needs, our graphic artists can produce quality imaging that will create the perfect look and appeal for your audience. Our graphic designers can lay out your presentations, song lyrics, pre-event and live graphical imaging, logos, and animations.


To request more information about our event production services, please click here to fill out our Event Quote Request form.

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